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Belle Plaine Track Handbook

This handbook has been written as a guide for you as to the expectations of the Belle Plaine Track and Field Program. You will find the team policies as well as words of challenge and encouragement for the upcoming season. Please read the handbook thoroughly, then sign and return the last page of the handbook to Coach Bilyeu or Reynolds.



Table of Contents

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Welcome Page

Parent Guide for Belle Plaine Track and Field

General Daily Track and Field Practice Schedule

Safety Guidelines on the Track

Long, Triple, and High Jump Safety Guidelines

Shot Put, Javelin, and Discus Safety Guidelines

Pole Vault Safety Guidelines

Responsibilities of Athletes

Rules and Regulations

Practice Defined


If you Miss a Practice

Team Policies for Meets

Meet Equipment

Conduct and Competition Conduct

Other Activities

School Work

Lettering Policy

Meet Schedule

Signature Sheet

Belle Plaine Track and Field 2018





About Track and Field:

Welcome to a new Track and Field season at Belle Plaine High School. Those of you that have been through a previous season know that this means changing weather will be a norm. You also know that this season can be one of the most exciting times of the year. There have been a few changes to the Track and Field program this season. Travis Bilyeu enters his 4th season as a track coach.  He has one year experience as a head middle school girls track team coach and two years’ experience as an assistant track coach, and is now the new head coach of Belle Plaine High School Track and Field.  Coach Bilyeu is accompanied by returning track coach, Dave Reynolds.    

Track and Field is a spring sport offered to eligible students at Belle Plaine High School.  That allows athletes to compete at an individual level while still making a team contribution.  It is a sport that invites all athletes to participate.  With 18 different events Track and Field gives opportunity to compete that are not present in other sports.  Belle Plaine has a long standing tradition of being a school that produces some of the best athletes in the state of Kansas.  Belle Plaine has had many athletes qualify for State during its long history.


  1. We believe that the TEAM comes first. We recognize that Track and Field is a highly individualized sport, but the ultimate goal of every meet is to win the team championship. As a result, athletes may be asked to sacrifice individual honors to help the team achieve success.
  2. In order for the team to achieve excellence, every athlete must improve and find some measure of success during the season. Success comes in different forms for each athlete. It may be winning a state championship for one athlete, or competing and setting a personal best in one event during a Freshman/Sophomore League meet (Junior Varsity) meet. Success is what the coaches will help each athlete find and strive towards as each sets his/her goals this year.
  3. We believe in Belle Plaine High School’s standard and encourage students to follow the Rule 52 declaration of the following:
    1.  Be courteous to all – participants, coaches, officials, staff and fans.  We will strive to practice these principles during our season toward parents, administration, officials, and our competition.
    2. Know the rules, abide by and respect the official’s decisions.
    3. Win with character and lose with dignity.
    4. Display appreciation for good performance regardless of the team.
    5. Exercise self-control and reflect positively upon yourself, team and school.
    6. Permit only positive sportsmanlike behavior to reflect on your school or its activities.
  4. Improving at anything requires a certain amount of work. Track and Field is a disciplined sport that indeed encounters some pain. Your coaches understand the levels of burdening and recovery. They will assist you through the soreness to achieve peak performances. Thank you for taking the risk of trying. Continue to correspond with your coaches to reach your best performance.
  5. As a part of any athletic program, an athlete is not just performing for the school but for every former and future athlete at Belle Plaine High School. You are also representing your family and the Belle Plaine community. We ask you to continue making tracks within the legacy of Belle Plaine Track and Field.

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The coaching staff is looking forward to a FUN, COMPETITIVE 2018 season with excitement and friendships creating memories at all levels of the Track and Field program.





Parent Guide for Belle Plaine Track and Field

Parents are vital to the success of any athletic program. They contribute their time, talents, and financial resources to make sure that our teams have a quality experience participating in Belle Plaine sports. The support and encouragement that you give your children is invaluable. As a coaching staff, we believe in building solid relationships whether it is between a coach and a player, coach and parents, or parents and children. In order to build solid relationships within our program it is essential for parents to understand our expectations of you and your role in Belle Plaine Track and Field. I believe these expectations will help everyone involved in Belle Plaine Athletics to build solid working relationships.

Relationships for a successful program

  1. Player-coach relationships
    1. Are the most important relationship in athletics.
    2. Parents can affect this relationship by criticizing the coach in front of the athlete.
    3. Parental coaching at home may impede the athlete’s progress.
    4. A parent’s place at a meet is in the stands encouraging their athlete and the rest of the team.
  2. Parent-Coach Relationship
    1. Allow the coach to instruct and guide the team.
    2. Do not question or confront the coach immediately following a competition.
    3. If you want to discuss a problem with the coach, make an appointment with the coach, and discuss your concern in a calm, courteous and logical manner.
  3. Parent-Player Relationship
    1. Do not try to live through your child.
    2. Be positive and supportive without adding undue pressure or unrealistic expectations on your child.
  4. Fan-Officials Relationship
    1. Officials are necessary to track and field competition.
    2. They are bound by a code of ethics that makes them impartial.
    3. Fan harassment can affect an official’s judgment.
    4. Fans and particularly parents should NEVER harass or taunt officials.
  5.  Sportsmanship
    1. Parents have to demonstrate good sportsmanship and serve as role models.
    2. Specific obligations. * No vulgar or inappropriate language.* Taunting or trash talking will not be tolerated.* Outsiders must never intrude upon the field during a competition. The competition area is for athletes and their coaches only.* Cheers should be for our team, not against the opponents. Celebrate success by all athletes. * Never confront an official, opposing team coach or player for any reason.


Program expectations

  1. Responsibilities of the athlete.
    1. Track and field is both team and individual sport. Put the team goals, welfare and success before your own.
    2. Attend all practice sessions.
    3. Be receptive to coaching.
    4. Be responsible for all uniforms and equipment.
    5. Represent the school well and follow the team rules.
    6. Report all injuries to the coach and trainer.
  2. Responsibilities of the coach
    1. Select and encourage the athletes who are competing at each level.
    2. Determine the style and philosophy of coaching and competitiveness.
    3. Teach at practice sessions.
    4. Determine who participates in what events.
    5. Establish team rules.
    6. Establish the requirements to earn a letter.
    7. Always make safety and the welfare of an athlete come first.
  3. Participation on a team.
    1. It is a privilege, not a right.
    2. Players must accept all responsibilities in order to stay on a team.
  4. Practice sessions and games.
    1. Practice is closed to spectators.
    2. The field is the athlete’s classroom and should be free of distractions.
    3. Positive support is encouraged at MEETS.
    4. Tardiness and absence is unacceptable.
  5. Forms
    1. Copy of the Team handbook
    2. Physical Exam Form and Concussion Awareness Course
    3. Season Schedules for Varsity and Freshman/Sophomore Meets.
    4. Parent/Athlete Handbook with signature page

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“The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when no one else is watching.”           - Anson Dorrance



Belle Plaine Track and Field





Basic Schedule for Daily Practice

Athletes will be dressed and ready to participate TEAM MEETINGS on the bleachers.

WARMUP: Both running and stretching (Dynamic Warm-up and Speed Dynamics)

EVENT SPECIFIC TRAINING: Both technique and conditioning

GENERAL CONDITIONING: Strength training, running, and plyometrics

INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION: Includes individual meetings as needed.



Early season emphasis will be on conditioning with a lesser emphasis on technique Mid-season practices will focus on healthy amounts of conditioning and technique Late season emphasis will focus on technique and sharpening of competition skills while maximizing excellent conditioning 



Students must have passed a minimum of 5 classes in the previous semester in order to be eligible to participate.

Students must be in good standing (not in violation of any school policy) to be eligible for practice or participation in activities.

The student must be in school a minimum of one-half day in order to be eligible for extracurricular activities.  Only the building administration may make exceptions.

A student found to be using, in possession of, distributing, selling, or giving away any type of controlled substance or illicit drug may be denied the privilege of participation in the athletic or activity programs for the remainder of the school year (tobacco and alcohol are addressed in the next section).  The consequences will be determined by the building administration.  This policy will go into effect on the first legal day of fall sports/activities each year and will end at the conclusion of spring sports/activities.  These guidelines shall also be in effect when students are away from school grounds on activities if a violation is substantiated by a reliable source.

Students must not use or have in their possession alcohol or tobacco products.  Any student involved with these substances will be withheld from athletics or activities for a minimum of the next competition.  Students will be placed on probation for all activities for the remainder of the school year.  There may be additional consequences at the discretion of the administration and coaching staff.

The penalties above may be waived, at the discretion of the building administration, if a self-referral is made.  A self-referral occurs when a student and/or parent voluntarily seeks information or assistance from a staff member.  A self-referral will be considered legitimate only if it occurs before an offense, not as the result of a legal or school policy infraction.

The self-referral will be sent to the Hope Team, and the student will be placed on athletic/activity probation.

The Hope Team will meet with the student and his/her parent(s), or guardian(s), to determine an appropriate recommendation designed to fit the needs of the student.  

Athletic or activity probation means that if any further involvement with alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products becomes evident, the student will be immediately suspended from extracurricular activities for the remainder of the school year.

When a student is suspended from an activity for any period of time, the coach/sponsor may require the student to attend all team meetings and practices and be present with the team during competitions.

Disciplinary action will be handled on an individual basis, except for the disciplinary action described above.  Expulsion from the team will result if, in the judgment of the coach, the student’s actions reflect an irreconcilable attitude on the student’s part.  Lesser disciplinary action can be assessed resulting in a student being given a chance to prove his/her desire to remain on the team.

The students will follow all rules and regulations that are established by the coaches and respect the authority of the coaches while under their direction.

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Any track injury is not good, but you should know that permanent injury, paralysis, even death, could occur on the track. These rules are for your safety - follow them.

The coaches are in charge of running the workouts on the track. Listen carefully to the instructions they give and follow them in order to avoid injury.

As a general rule, workouts that require running around a curve will use the inside lanes.  

Hurdlers should use lanes 6 and 7. Low hurdlers should avoid using lanes 7 and 8.  

Block work and relay work should not be done in the same general area. Try to use exchanges on the North end, and on the East side of the track away from the start of the hurdles. 

Be aware of others on the track and avoid running through their workouts if possible. Example, time your starts to avoid a running group that is coming into your area. 

On the infield avoid using an area that is being used by another group - run all workouts in a North-South direction; Try to not cross paths. 

If someone yells “TRACK” they are asking for the right of way - please move outside if you are running or move off the track to the inside if you are not running. 

Safe workouts are the goal of these rules. Avoid collision and injury at all cost. An injured runner scores no points. 

Stay out of the shot put and discus areas if you are not involved in these events. Always be alert when you are near these areas. 

Inform your coach if you have an injury of any kind. If you have been sick, have recurring headaches or have had any other problems that involve your participation on our track team, please communicate them to a coach or to the trainer for attention and necessary treatment, or referral to a doctor. 

When off the track or off school grounds, remember that these areas were not designed or built with athletics as a primary consideration. Use extra care while in these areas to avoid injury. 

If you run off of the track, know the rules of the road. Run facing traffic and always yield the right of way to anyone who wants it.  

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Any track injury is not good, but you should know that permanent injury, paralysis, even death, could occur on the track. These rules are for your safety - follow them.

Follow the coaches’ instructions and avoid injury. The first concern of our program is safety. Think about what you are doing. 

Look in the pit prior to jumping. Walk through it and check it out. It may be hard packed or have some object in it. Be sure of your landing area.  

One runner at a time on the runway. Take turns and see that the pit is clear prior to your jump. 

While running the stairs watch for objects that might cause you to slip and fall. No horseplay on the stairs. A fall here could be more serious than on the track or runway. 

In the high jump, make sure you have all of the sections of the high jump pit in place and securely buckled together. Don’t jump if you do not have all the sections of the pit in place. 

When we use other equipment in our jumping workouts, if you see a broken item, point it out to the coach. We can have it fixed or replaced. We don’t want to take any chances.  

Inform your coach if you have an injury of any kind. If you have been sick, have recurring headaches, or have had any other problems that involve your participation on our track teams, please communicate them to a coach or to the trainer for attention and necessary treatment, or referral to a doctor.  

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Any track injury is not good, but you should know that permanent injury, paralysis, even death, could occur on the track. These rules are for your safety - follow them.

The coach is in charge of the area near the shot and discus rings. Listen to his or her instructions and follow them. The first concern of the program is safety. 

Horseplay will not be tolerated. Have fun, but not at the expense of safety. 

Do not go into the landing areas while someone is in the ring.  

Do not turn your back to the ring at any time.  

Wait for your throw behind the protective screen. 

Look prior to your throw to see that the landing area is clear. 

Have spectators or other observers stand behind the protective screens. 

Only one person in the throwing area at a time. 

Take special care when you retrieve and return the shot or discus. Remember that the shot and discus areas are dangerous places and you could be injured very seriously. Please be careful. 

Inform your coach if you have an injury of any kind. If you have been sick, have recurring headaches, or have had any other problems that involve your participation on our track teams, please communicate them to a coach or to the trainer for attention and necessary treatment, or referral to a doctor. 

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Any track injury is not good, but you should know that permanent injury, paralysis, even death, could occur on the track. These rules are for your safety - follow them.

The pole vault coach is in charge of your workouts.  

Listen to his or her instructions carefully and follow them for your own safety. 

Learn how the drills should be done before you try them. Watch, listen, ask, understand and then try. 

Make sure all of the sections of the Pit are in the proper position and connected properly before you vault. 

Check your pole daily for damage. If you have any doubts about your pole, check with the coach.  

When the pole is not in use, it should always be placed in its carrier. 

The use of gymnastic equipment such as the high bar, climbing rope and parallel bars should be used with special care. Mats and spotter should be used where appropriate.  

Work with this equipment with supervision of the vaulting coach. 

Inform your coach if you have an injury of any kind.  

If you have been sick, have recurring headaches, or have had any other problems that involve your participation on our track teams, please communicate them to a coach or to the trainer for attention and necessary treatment, or referral to a doctor. 

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Respect others and respect yourself! 

The will to win comes from within. 

Obey all training rules. 

Do workouts as BEST you can. (Must complete all workouts) 

Supply practice shoes, meet shoes, sweat suits for first week*, gloves*, and warm headwear*. (*Keep in locker at all times.) 

Keep practice and meet uniforms clean and mended. 

Attend all team meetings. They are a part of your practice. 


Get plenty of rest the night prior to meets. 

Eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet. 

Supply transportation home from school after meets. 

Remind teachers when you will miss their class, and make up all missed work. (Try to make it up ahead of time.) 

Maintain cleanliness to avoid illness! Shower regularly and wash your clothes weekly if not more often than that. 

Respect your coaches’ decisions. Discuss your goals in track and life with them. They are here to help you. 

Respect managers. They are here to help the coaches function more smoothly, not to be your servants. 

Maintain a positive, coachable attitude 

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At Belle Plaine High School, WINNING isn’t everything, it’s just a part of what we do!







Athletes should not do anything that would embarrass or disgrace the Belle Plaine track team, themselves, their parents or Belle Plaine High School. (Ex: Burping or belching can be embarrassing!) 

Academic performance will be evaluated regularly: Academics first - athletics second. 

No smoking, drinking, or use of illegal drugs will be tolerated!!! This is grounds for dismissal from the team for the rest of the season at the discretion of the coach. 

Insubordination of any kind will not be tolerated! This includes but is not limited to- lying to coaches and teammates. Using social media in ways that are not positive and constructive to the team. Any action by an athlete or parent to undermine the coaches’ authority, team unity or school image will be dealt with accordingly and can result in suspension and removal from the team. 

The use of profanity is unsportsmanlike and must not be used. 

No horseplay - it leads to needless injuries. 

Never put down your teammates. Encourage them and help them. 

Never put down other sports. They represent our school too. 

Do not question meet officials; let your coaches do the questioning. (Bring concerns to our attention) 

Act like a gentleman or young lady (model positive athletics) at all times: set an example, do not be a bad one! 

You are expected to attend all workouts and practices. Team meetings are considered a part of our practices. All athletes are expected to attend practice until 5:45 P.M. 

You are expected to ride the bus provided to all track meets. If you miss the bus, you may not be allowed to participate in that track meet. A parent permission slip must be given to ride home with any other parent. If you ride home with your own parent, the coaches must be told so by that parent. NO ATHLETE WILL RIDE HOME WITH ANOTHER STUDENT!!! See Meet policies! 

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Varsity and Junior Varsity will practice from 3:40 – 5:45 PM, Monday through Friday.  Any other practices will take place at the coach’s discretion, given certain circumstances. All athletes are expected to be at every practice and meets unless excused in advance by a parent in writing or by a member of the coaching staff. Missing practice for work, appointments, etc. interferes with our development as an individual and as a team and is therefore discouraged. Injured athletes should check in with a coach and proceed to the trainer for diagnosis and rehab. Players missing practices due to an injury must have a signed note from a doctor or the trainer. Injured players will not be entered into practices and competitions unless the doctor, trainer or coach is confident of a player’s readiness. Players not participating in practice should not expect to participate in competitions.

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All injuries need to be reported to your coach regardless of the severity. We have a trainer, available on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, who will work to get athletes rehabilitated and back to full strength as quickly as possible. Athletes can minimize injuries by insuring that they are in top physical condition, dressed appropriately for the weather and are maintaining a proper diet. In addition, plenty of rest is strongly encouraged. In most cases, it is best to have your child/athlete see the trainer at Belle Plaine High School prior to seeing your family doctor, because our trainer can rehabilitate the injury and get a player back into competition sooner. Your doctor will exercise more caution and keep your child out of practices and competitions for longer periods of time.

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If you know ahead of time that you are going to have to miss a practice, let one of the coaches know in advance. Put the information in a WRITTEN NOTE! Emails work great also! 

If you are sick and at home, please call the attendance office and have them inform the coaches or email us. 

If you miss a practice on a day when you have been at school, you must bring a note signed by a parent or guardian as to the reason for your absence from practice. ***DO NOT SEND SOMEONE ELSE TO TELL US YOU WILL NOT BE AT PRACTICE. 

All other misses will be considered as UNEXCUSED!!!Unexcused Absence: Failure to notify coaches when you are absent from a practice or any unapproved absence.First Offense: Can mean suspension from the next meet in which you would normally compete. Second Offense: A second unexcused absence will/can result in dismissal from the team. 

EXCUSED absences may result in not participating in that week’s meet. 

Tardy: Practices will start at 3:40 PM on school days. Any athlete who arrives after that time will be considered tardy. Tardiness may be excused at the discretion of the coach. If you have a conflict that may make you later for practice, try to notify the coach ahead of time. In the event that an athlete is late due to a meeting with a teacher, counselor, or administrator, the athlete should bring a note from that person. Unexcused tardies will be treated as follows. First Offense: WarningSecond Offense: Probable suspension from one meet Third Offense: Possible dismissal from the team. 

If you miss practice, you must complete your make-up before you are able to compete.  This might mean you would need to come to school early to run on the day of a track meet if you missed the practice the night before.  Make up will consist of 20 minutes of running on the track after practice. 

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Team Policies for Track and Field Meets

All competing athletes are expected to ride the bus (when provided) to meets. Any athlete who misses the bus will not compete in that meet, and will suffer the consequences for missing a meet if necessary. If you would like to ride home with your parents you must bring the coach in charge of that meet, a note from your parents stating that you will be riding with them. 


All athletes are expected to stay for the entire meet. If something comes up and you need to leave a meet early you need to notify the coach in charge in writing at least one day before the meet. Failure to notify the coaches in advance will result in limited or no participation in the next meet. Habitual offenders may receive further consequences. We desire to create a Belle Plaine TEAM CONCEPT! Notification does not necessarily constitute an excusal. Not being present at the conclusion of the meet is considered to not have finished the meet. This may eliminate an athlete from finishing the season in good standing.

We will leave the competition area and bus clean. Throw garbage in the containers provided. 

Head phone music only. Please be aware of the rules concerning electronic devices in the competition area. Do not get disqualified for ignorance to rules. 

We are at meets to compete, not to goof off or suntan. You should be focused on preparing for your event(s) or supporting teammates. Try to get to various events to cheer on your team. 

Relay teams are expected to warm-up together (alternates included). 

The first runner on a relay team is responsible for picking up the baton. The anchor runner is responsible for returning it. Batons should be returned as soon as possible following the race. Do not ever throw a baton. 

We will try to take one additional sprinter and distance runner to each meet to serve as alternates for the relays. This athlete should be prepared to run and is expected to warm up with the relay team(s). If you are only in two or three events, you may also be called upon to run a relay if other members cannot perform. 

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Meet Equipment

You will be issued meet equipment prior to the first meet: Competition jerseys, shorts and warm-ups will be handed out. You will turn-in any issued equipment or clothing upon return from each meet, if you did not ride the bus home from the meet (made by prior arrangements) it is your responsibility to turn in jerseys and shorts during the next practice day. You are responsible for your equipment and clothing and, if lost or damaged, will be charged the replacement cost.

Wear only the school issued Track and Field uniform. We are a TEAM, not individuals. No other gear is acceptable. Athletes must wear the school uniform when receiving any medals or trophies, on the awards stand or taking pictures for the press. Athletes are expected to be in Belle Plaine Track and Field gear at all times during a meet.


All clothing must meet the school dress code. Jewelry my not be worn in competition. Doing so could result in disqualification. Be aware of all uniform rules. Discuss all questions with the coaching staff.


Equipment will be issued by grade, starting with varsity seniors. Returning athletes will receive equipment before newcomers. Exchanges may have to occur for athletes moving up to varsity competition. 


All four members of relay teams must match. This includes the uniform and any clothing worn under the uniform (tights, long sleeve t-shirts, etc.) Please see the relay coach to clarify this rule.

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Belle Plaine Track and Field athletes are subject to all Belle Plaine High School rules and policies, including the Belle Plaine High School substance abuse policy. All Belle Plaine Track and Field athletes should conduct themselves in ways that honor themselves, their families, Belle Plaine High School and Belle Plaine Track and Field program. Detentions and suspensions will not be tolerated and will face disciplinary action including but not limited to game suspensions and removal from the team.

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Competition Conduct

The rules for high school track and field were established by the NFHS Track and Field committee to make the competition a fun and safe activity for all participants. The rules govern everything from the uniforms we wear on game day to the expected behaviors of all participants during a competition. Your coaches will be teaching these rules as they prepare you for competition. Any choice to break the rules can result in removal from competition to suspension from the team. Please ask questions if you are confused by any rules or aspects of the Track and Field program.

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Other Activities

Players will be allowed to participate in other School sponsored activities as long as they do not interfere with classes, Track and Field and/or KHSAA regulations. To participate in any track and field event outside of Belle Plaine sponsored competitions, must have coach, athletic director, and the Principal’s signed released before competing. Players participating in other school activities are expected to place the track and field team practice and competitions as their top priority for the spring season. If you are going to miss practices your participation amount in the next meet will be, at best, limited and you will need to earn the right to participate in further competitions. Missing a meet due to a school sponsored event forces me to prepare other athletes to fill your position and you may see a reduction in the amount of events in which you perform. Other athletes that commit to full time practice deserve to have an advantage for the right to compete. As a result you may not qualify for a letter at the end of the season. Missing practice and competitions for any non-school sponsored event is unacceptable and will be treated as an unexcused absence. Situations for each athlete need to be worked out with the head coach prior to planning of the next competition.

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School Work

You are not in school to participate in Track and Field; you are here to prepare to become a productive member of society. Track and Field like all athletics is merely a means to an end. It will prepare you to meet some of life’s trials if you are willing to pay the price.

Ineligibility will not be tolerated. You have an obligation to your family, your school, your teammates, your teachers, and your coaches. You have been endowed with many talents; make the most of them. Championships are not won with athletes who are unable to meet the responsibilities of the classroom.

There will be moments of deep frustration – the faculty is anxious to see you succeed. If you are having a problem in any subject, take the initiative and visit the teacher. Find out what your weaknesses are and then work to improve them. You know how you are doing in your classes and for this reason there will be no excuses for failing a course. If there are academic problems, arrangements may be made with the coaching staff to miss part of the practice to work on your weaknesses.

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Lettering Requirements

Earn 16 points at varsity track meets throughout the season.  Injuries will be taken into consideration.

Points are as follows:           

1st place 10 pts         4th place 4 pts           

2nd place 8 pts          5th place 2 pts           

3rd place 6 pts           6th place 1 pt.

Relay points will be 1\2 the above amounts when counting toward lettering.

If a track meet is scored using 7 places we will use that method when counting points for athletes.

You must finish the season in good standing.

You must check in all school issued equipment at the appropriate time or have paid for missing equipment.

Seniors who have completed four years of Track and Field, #4, and #5 will letter.

Coaches’ decisions will be final.

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Belle Plaine Track and Field






Meet Schedule







3:30 PM



4:00 PM

Conway Springs


4:00 PM

Belle Plaine


3:30 PM



3:00 PM

Garden Plain


3:15 PM



4:00 PM



4:00 PM

Chaparral – Fr/Soph League Meet


3:00 PM

Belle Plaine – League Meet



TBD – Regionals

May 25 & 26


Wichita State University – State Meet


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Dear Parent or Guardian and Athlete:

The Belle Plaine Track and Field coaching staff asks that you sign and return this form indicating that you have read the handbook and that you understand the rules and procedures of our team. If you have questions or concerns regarding the team policies, please contact Coach Bilyeu.

Thank you,

The Belle Plaine Track and Field Coaches

Travis Bilyeu – Head Coach

Dave Reynolds – Assistant Coach


We have read the Belle Plaine Track and Field handbook. We understand the rules and procedures of the team. We also understand that failure to follow the rules and procedures of the team may result in disciplinary action.

Parent/Guardian Signature ___________________________________________

Athlete’s Signature __________________________________________________

Date ___________________________________

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