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Belle Plaine USD 357 Can Now Test Students for COVID-19

Posted Date: 02/01/2021

Belle Plaine USD 357 Can Now Test Students for COVID-19


Belle Plaine USD 357 Can Now Test Students for COVID-19


Belle Plaine USD 357 has partnered with Wichita State University’s Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory (MDL) enabling us to collect samples of a subject’s saliva, turn them into WSU’s MDL lab, and determine if the subject is negative or positive for the COVID-19 virus. The primary purpose of this service is to determine if students or staff who have a fever or two or more symptoms of the COVID-19 virus actually have the virus. This will enable those who do not have the virus the ability to return to school/work as soon as they are healthy enough to do so. 


  • There is no cost for participants who provide the saliva sample. 

  • The test is totally voluntary. 

  • A signed form granting permission for the sample to be taken is required from the staff member, adult student, or parent or guardian of a minor student. 

  • To have the best assurance of an accurate test, you should not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes prior to giving the saliva sample. 

  • Results from the test should be available in 24 hours from the time the test is submitted to the lab. 

  • If a student or staff member comes down with a fever or two or more symptoms when school is not in session, you can contact the appropriate building and arrangements can be made to get a saliva sample from the student or staff member in your/their car.


This testing program will begin on Monday, February 1. If you wish to have your student(s) participate in this convenient testing, please sign the permission form in advance and allow us to keep it on file. Having the permission form signed in advance will expedite the testing process if your student becomes symptomatic at school or if you need to bring them to the school for a drive-thru type test. The school nurse or designee will contact you before the saliva sample is collected if the need for testing occurs at school. If you wish to give consent for your student(s) to be tested, simply sign the digital form that is posted on this site or print and return a signed copy.