Here you will find helpful sites when searching for scholarships and obtaining financial aid information.  Avoid scams and paying for free services when you’re searching for scholarships, filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid , and sharing your personal information.  For helpful tips visit  

Local Scholarships

  (Most local scholarships will not be available until late January.) 

Loofbourrow & chase Scholarships (Application Deadline: December 15th)

KLL Memorial Scholarship (Application Deadline: January 10th)

Wichita Legal Professionals Scholarship (Application Deadline: January 19th)

Chris Kaufman Memorial Essay (Application Deadline: January 31st)

Chris Kaufman Memorial Essay

McConnell Spouses’ Charitable Association Scholarship (Application Deadline: January 31st)


National Scholarships‚Äč

Hagan Scholarship (Application Deadline: November 15th )

United States Air Force ROTC Scholarship  (Application Deadline: December 1st )

National Space Club and Foundation (Application Deadline: December 1st )

Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarship (Application Deadline: December 5th)

Lead Roster Scholarship (Application Deadline: December 15th )

AXA Achievement Scholoarship (Application Deadline: December 15th )

Assisted Living Scholarship (Application Deadline: December 31st)

ACT Student Champion Award (Application Deadline: December 31st )

Get a Boost Scholarship (Application Deadline: December 31st )

 NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund (Application Deadline: December 31st )

Tobi Cares Scholarship (Application Deadline: December 31st )

Young Entrepreneur Awards (Application Deadline: January 2nd)

Claim Social Authority (Application Deadline: January 2nd)

Profile in Courage Essay Contest (Application Deadline: January 4th)

2017 GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship (Application Deadline: January 4th)

Army ROTC Scholarship (Application Deadline: January 10th)

Margaret Van Horn Scholarship (Application Deadline: January 15th)

Dairy Farmers of America (Application Deadline: January 15th)

Dell Scholars Program (Application Deadline: January 15th)

Navy ROTC Scholarship  (Application Deadline: January 31st)

Bikes Review Scholarship (Application Deadline: January 31st)


Scholarship Search Engines


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